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Meritorious Service Award

March 12, 2007
On 3/12/07, at 2250, while on patrol, Asset Protection Officer Lester Bartolome received information of suspicious activity. Officer Bartolome proceeded to the area where three men had been seen putting ski masks on. Officer Bartolome investigated the area and found a car. Officer Bartolome took the license plate down of the vehicle. A short time later Officer Bartolome witnessed three individuals with hooded sweatshirts on, enter the vehicle and speed away. He called SDPD and within minutes 5 squad cars arrived on site. The police reported an armed robbery in progress. When the police officers finished clearing the building they interviewed Officer Bartolome and he was able to give them the license plate of the vehicle involved. It was later found out that the three had entered the Coco's Restaurant, two of the three brandished weapons (guns) in the faces of the employees in an attempted armed robbery.

Due to Officer Bartolome's rapid response acting on information he received while conducting his patrol, he was able to give the police important information that led to the arrest of dangerous felons.

This officer's actions were in keeping with the high standards of Guard Management Inc. and worthy of special recognition.

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