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GMI Security Officer Saves Life

Volume 1, Issue 7

San Diego, CA 8/6/07  Last weekend concluded Comic Con International's 38 th summer at the San Diego Convention Center .  The 4 day long event celebrates "all things pop culture... and all things comic, with a good measure of the popular arts added in."  On the second day of the convention, private GMI security officer Bruce Jones became aware of a man in need of medical attention and quickly took preventative action.

On Thursday, before his shift started, Bruce noticed a man having difficulty breathing.  Bruce approached the man.  The man grabbed on to Bruce's arm and Bruce noticed that man was wearing a bracelet that identified him as having a heart condition.  Bruce asked the man if he was okay, and the man indicated that he felt pain in his right arm.  Bruce walked the man to the first aid desk in the lobby, but there was no one at the desk.  Bruce saw a paramedic nearby and alerted the paramedic that a man needed urgent attention.  The paramedic thanked Bruce and then attended to the man with the heart condition.

Due to Officer Bruce Jones' rapid response, he most likely saved the man's life.  Guard Management, Inc. awarded Officer Jones a Meritorious Service Award.

For more information on GMI Security Services, please contact Margo Turner, Vice President at (858) 945-8895 or mturner@gmiweb.com

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